Oil fired heating systems remain fairly common here in Central and Southern New Jersey; yet more and more homeowners in the area are seeing the benefits of converting to a natural gas system. At B&E Energy Solutions, we help homeowners in Atlantic, Burlington, Monmouth and Ocean, counties and the surrounding area enjoy the benefits of natural gas with professional oil-to-gas conversion services.

Benefits of Heating with Natural Gas

Natural gas offers a number of benefits over heating oil, including:

Greater convenience

Still scheduling oil delivery for your heating system? When you make the switch to natural gas, you never have to worry about running out of fuel or maintaining an oil tank. As long as natural gas is available in your neighborhood, natural gas runs directly into your home.

Protection from rising heating costs

The price of natural gas tends to be more stable than that of oil, meaning you can expect more consistent heating bills. Natural gas also offers greater energy value than oil and propane — so you will see lower heating bills.

Reduced carbon footprint

As a byproduct of oil production that contains fewer impurities than oil, natural gas is the cleanest burning fossil fuel. In fact, burning natural gas instead of oil reduces carbon emissions by 27%.

Replacing Your Furnace? Now’s the Time to Switch

Does your furnace need frequent repairs or cause your energy bills to skyrocket? Furnace replacement is the perfect time to make the switch to natural gas. You’ll gain not only greater home comfort and efficiency with your new furnace, but also the unique benefits of natural gas.


Plus, when you replace your furnace you can receive valuable rebates through local energy efficiency programs for upgrading your system, such as NJ Home Performance with ENERGY STAR rebates. Through South Jersey Gas, you may also qualify for no-interest financing of up to $8,000 for five years to spread out the cost of your new furnace.

Trusted Expertise for Your Oil to Gas Conversion

Wherever you live in Atlantic County, Burlington County, Monmouth County, Ocean County, or somewhere in between, we’re here to help you upgrade your heating system. Our team can help you determine if your home is eligible for natural gas and handle all aspects of your oil-to-gas conversion — including removing your old furnace, installing a new, energy efficient furnace, and working with the natural gas utility to ensure proper connection. We can even help you with additional energy efficiency upgrades like insulation and water heater installation.

Switching to natural gas can give you greater convenience, protection from rising heating costs, and more. Contact us or call (888) 740-7920 today to schedule an oil to gas conversion consultation!