Insulation & Air Sealing

Did you know that the vast majority of houses here in New Jersey are under-insulated? Insulation is one of the most effective ways to increase your home comfort and energy efficiency, yet there are likely key areas in your home that could use re-insulation or additional insulation.

When it comes to making your home in New Jersey more energy efficient, you might think of upgrading to ENERGY STAR certified appliances and switching to LED light bulbs. But did you know that air sealing is a more affordable way to save energy and lower your utility bills?

Why Does My Home Need Insulation?

Insulation acts as your home’s thermal barrier, shielding it from extreme outdoor temperatures all year round. In the winter, it keeps valuable heat in for a warmer and cozier home; in the summer, it keeps unwanted heat out for an overall cooler home.

When your home is under-insulated, the outside temperature has a greater influence over your indoor comfort. Proper home insulation is the only way to maintain consistent indoor temperatures year-round and reduce stress on your heating and air conditioning systems. If you think your home may need additional insulation, we recommend having an expert assess the insulation in your attic, exterior walls, and basement or crawlspace.

Make Your NJ Home More Efficient with Air Sealing

Air sealing closes up holes, gaps, and cracks throughout your home around windows, doors, plumbing penetrations, recessed lighting, the attic hatch, and more. These small air leaks may seem inconsequential, but when left unsealed, they allow outside air to enter your home and valuable, conditioned air to escape — all year long.

When done properly by an experienced professional, comprehensive air sealing will keep the air you pay to condition inside your home, putting less stress on your home’s heating and cooling systems and giving you lower energy bills.

Air Sealing Works Hand in Hand with Your Insulation

Home performance experts typically recommend completing air sealing together with insulation, and here’s why. When you insulate without air sealing, air is still free to enter and escape the home, causing drafts and undermining the effectiveness of your insulation. When you air seal without insulating, meanwhile, heat can still move freely into and out of the home by conduction. Air sealing creates an air barrier along the exterior of your home, while insulation creates a thermal barrier.

Benefits of Proper Home Insulation

When paired with comprehensive air sealing for air leaks, insulation offers a number of key benefits, including:

  • Greater overall indoor comfort
  • Increased home energy efficiency
  • Lower monthly utility bill
  • Reduced stress on HVAC equipment
  • Longer lasting HVAC equipment
  • Better indoor air quality
  • Soundproofing for more privacy

B&E Energy Solutions installs a number of types of insulation to make these benefits possible inside your home, including blown cellulose insulation and fiberglass insulation.

Save When You Insulate with B&E Energy Solutions

At B&E Energy Solutions, we believe that every homeowner should enjoy the benefits of a well insulated home without worrying about the upfront cost. We offer a number of financing and rebate options to help you offset the cost of upgrading the insulation in your home. Through the New Jersey Home Performance with ENERGY STAR (HPwES) program, for example, you can receive up to a $5,000 rebate when you have a certified auditor conduct a home energy assessment and complete insulation with other energy saving improvements like air sealing and duct sealing.

Talk to experts today to learn more about our insulation services and how we can help you save money with available rebates and financing.

B&E installed our attic insulation and worked in conjunction with Done Rite HVAC that installed our new system. Whole process went very smoothly. Excellent job and great crew that worked in our home.

Jen W., Medford, NJ

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