Winter is officially upon us, and that means it’s time to brave the frigid temperatures. 
But just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean it needs to be cold inside. Here’s a quick guide to preparing your heater for winter – and making your home as cozy as possible in the process.

Replace Your HVAC Filter before you start to use the heater & monthly through the heating season

HVAC winter prep – and including replacing your system’s filter – is an important ingredient in the recipe for comfortable living. Responsible for keeping indoor air as clean as possible, HVAC filters help stop the spread of dust, pollen, pet hair, and more. 

While doing so though, the filters naturally become clogged. During winter, when windows usually remain closed, dust thrives, and HVAC units run more frequently to maintain a pleasant temperature, a less-than-clean filter will not give the desired results. 

It’s advisable to replace your HVAC filter before winter. The precise timing associated with the switch depends on your situation; you needn’t replace a relatively new filter, of course. B&E Energy Solutions’ home heating professionals would be happy to inspect your filters for you.

Prepare Your Vents and Registers

Cleaning vents and registers is also a key component of preparing for the heating season winterization. Even with HVAC air filters in place, dust, pet hair, and more make their way into vents and registers, negatively affecting air flow and quality. 

As a result, there’s much to gain and nothing to lose from performing a quick vent and register cleaning, working to remove all possible pollutants. 

Additionally, it’s a good idea to move furniture and other objects so that they’re not blocking vents and registers, which can inhibit airflow and cause comfort issues and longer runtimes.These can drive up energy costs, increase system wear, and heightens the chance of requiring heater maintenance during winter. 

Air-return vents should have at least one foot of open space in front of them, and Air-supply registers should be unobstructed by large, bulky furniture such as couches and bookshelves. 

Turn Up the Thermostat

Setting the thermostat to your preferred winter temperature  might seem like an all-too-obvious suggestion for preparing heaters and homes for winter, but this often overlooked step is beneficial in multiple ways. 

Preparing heating appliances when the weather begins to change – but before winter is in full swing – makes it easier to notice and then address pressing problems before the peak heating season. If a system can’t get the job done, it allows time for professionals to step in and lend a hand to fix the underlying issues. 

Although HVAC professionals can get your heating systems up and running at any point in the year, it’s harder for the home’s occupants and plumbing systems to brave freezing temperatures should systems require work amid the bitter cold. 

Many homeowners set a lower-than-comfortable temperature to try and save money on energy bills. While energy conservation is understandable – and even commendable – when it comes to energy expenditures, settling on the perfect indoor temperature doesn’t have to break the bank. 

 A well-maintained system is better able to maintain even, preferred temperatures, with less wear, and lower bills.

Clean and Cover Your Condenser

Having a clean condenser –the outdoor portion of an HVAC system that’s integral to air conditioning – is a good idea generally and especially in New Jersey. 

While beautiful, the changing leaves of autumn (as well as other debris that accompanies the season) can end up trapped in condenser coils, potentially reducing the unit’s performance, heightening wear, and elevating energy bills when summer comes around.

In short, performing a quick condenser clean (more than a few instructional videos are available online) and covering the unit (these covers cost little and are widely sold) will pay off in more ways than one down the line.

For those who’d prefer professionals to handle the process, B&E Energy Solutions’ HVAC specialists are standing by to help condensers look and function at their best – including as part of an all-encompassing home energy audit that will further identify and remedy other problems as well.

Schedule An Energy Audit With B&E Energy Solutions to Improve  Your Home Comfort Level This Winter

Last but certainly not least, scheduling an energy audit with B&E Energy Solutions is an excellent way to help keep your home warm during winter. The above steps are extremely helpful, but they require time and a bit of know-how to perform. 

To the benefit of New Jerseyans in Central & Southern NJ, where B&E has divisions, courteous and highly efficient HVAC experts are on hand to perform energy audits. 

Like its title suggests, the comprehensive analysis of a home’s energy efficiency covers all the bases, including an evaluation of energy usage, HVAC efficiency, your building’s insulation levels  and air-sealing opportunities. 

As dependable team members will be happy to explain in greater detail,insulation & air sealing will deliver year-round HVAC advantages. In short, an energy audit can pinpoint opportunities for insulation and air sealing, which will in turn reduce drafts and stop warm air from escaping. 

Bigger picture, air sealing and insulation projects make it easier for heaters to keep a set temperature during winter – while reducing energy bills. 

When the quick-and-easy check is complete, B&E professionals present their findings – and their recommendations – to homeowners in straightforward terms. From there, decisions can be made regarding opportunities for improvement. 

At the end of the day, a house cannot quite be a home if its occupants are anything less than comfortable and content. During winter, low energy bills and pleasant living, far from being mutually exclusive, are both little more than a free consultation away from becoming reality. 

Don’t hesitate to contact B&E Energy today to take a step towards having the perfectly heated home and the peace of mind that you deserve.