The coldest months of the year are upon us, and that means it’s time to bundle up when braving the frigid outdoors and turn on the heat to keep your home as inviting as possible. 

The good news is heating your home during the fall and winter doesn’t have to break the bank. Insulating and air sealing a home today can produce all manner of benefits tomorrow, including reduced energy costs, less wear and tear on HVAC systems, and comfortable temperatures in the living areas.

Many satisfied customers will vouch for the effectiveness of insulation and air sealing, but for those who are on the fence or entirely unfamiliar with insulation and air sealing, the journey toward increased comfort begins with a quick read.

Here’s a look at what makes insulation and air sealing so important for homes and how interested individuals can reap the perks in no time at all.

Insulation Enhances Homes During the Cold and Warm Seasons Alike

As heat naturally moves to colder areas, well-insulated homes will better maintain comfortable temperatures during the chilly winter months and warm summer months.

Insulation and air sealing  properly installed by qualified professionals will reduce the amount of heat that escapes your home and the amount of cold dry air that enters a home when it’s cold outside

During the summer, less warm air will enter well-insulated air-sealed homes, affording occupants a cooler and dryer living space. But the advantages of  insulation and air sealing don’t end there, reducing  unwanted heat transfer and airflow in turn prevents heating and cooling units from working as hard, using less energy,  

Amid rising energy prices and historic inflation, the long-term benefits associated with reduced energy bills cannot be overstated. The resulting comfort and peace of mind are added bonuses.

Talented and detail-oriented insulation-air sealing installation team members will complete your home quickly and cost-effectively while meeting the customer’s specifications.

A risk-free assessment and years of experience providing quick and excellent workmanship mean that it’s easy for customers to have their home air sealed and insulated. The process begins with a simple phone call or email to the talented staff at B&E Energy Solutions.

Air Sealing Optimizes Homes’ Humidity Levels and Comfort

When performed by trustworthy and reliable experts, air sealing is an important ingredient in the recipe for HVAC success. 

As its name suggests, air sealing refers to using foam, caulk, or weather stripping to “air-seal” homes’ cracks. Depending on the season and the weather conditions, less outdoor air will enter a home and less indoor air will exit a home.

Air sealing works hand in hand with installing insulation.

In the heating season, as temperatures drop in the winter, homes that have been air-sealed will be warmer, have fewer drafts, more even temperatures, increased comfort levels, and use less energy during the winter.  

 In the cooling season, homes that have been air-sealed will be cooler, have reduced  indoor humidity levels, fewer drafts, more even temperatures, increased comfort levels, and better overall air quality while using less energy in the summer. 

The HVAC systems will more effectively maintain a comfortable and relaxing indoor environment, during the winter and summer.

Air sealing assists both processes and makes it easier to keep the home’s humidity within the range recommended by experts no matter the season.

Energy costs for both seasons will be lower as a result, and wear and tear on the HVAC systems will be comparatively less.

Longer term, air-sealing can benefit homes in different ways.

In the winter, low indoor humidity outside of the recommended range is common and, according to in-depth studies, can cause comfort issues, dry skin, eye irritation, sinus issues, dehydration, and other undesirable effects.

 Over months and years, the condensation resulting from high humidity levels can produce mold, which causes structural damage and can be downright dangerous to health with prolonged exposure.

It’s Usually Easy to Tell When Homes Need Insulation – and Expert Help Makes All the Difference

Determining whether a home needs insulation and/or air sealing is usually easy because almost every home needs insulation and/or air sealing. With numerous upsides and essentially zero drawbacks, it’s worth insulating and air-sealing your home today.

Homeowners can’t go wrong with a simple consultation. Professionals are available to provide assessments and go over the options for your home. 

There are some telltale signs your home may benefit from insulation and air sealing.

High energy bills, drafts, uncomfortable temperatures, and,  when it comes to air sealing, high or low humidity, and condensation that if left untreated, can result in structural damage and potential health complications for exposed individuals.

When it comes to insulation and air sealing, identifying the problems can be difficult for homeowners who have encountered drafts and high energy usage  

Insulation and air sealing that was installed long ago may be inefficient by today’s standards and in need of upgrades. 

B&E Energy Solutions will analyze the home in question before making recommendations based on the wishes and goals of the customer. The company – whose principal members have over 100  years of collective industry experience – will identify and suggest the best insulation and air-sealing options for you and your home.

For Homes – and Homeowners – the Positives of Both Insulation and Air Sealing are Tremendous

As explained, there are more than a few reasons to insulate and air seal a home – and virtually zero reasons to not do so. With expert guidance from trusted companies like B&E Energy Solutions, each of the simple and straightforward options will improve comfort, reduce energy costs, and improve long-term structural integrity.

Air sealing and insulation can together produce greater perks yet for homes and homeowners. Their combined benefits will ensure that HVAC units are functioning at their best and most efficiently, and that residents are as comfortable as possible and saving as much money as possible on energy bills.

Experts are standing by to provide initial assessments, and detailed recommendations specific to the house, along with world-class insulation and air-sealing work. There’s never been a better time to experience the resulting advantages firsthand, particularly now when most jobs help to pay for themselves with energy savings, rebates, and energy tax credits.

B&E Energy Solutions team members will be happy to answer any and all questions about insulation and set up an appointment. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with the business’s ultra-helpful customer support professionals by filling out a contact form or calling (888) 740-7920.