Against the backdrop of an uncertain economy and rising costs, the importance of energy-efficient homes cannot be understated – especially for New Jersey residents. The Garden State owes much of its appeal to breathtaking nature and the seasons that complement the varied offerings of the outdoors.

But the summer months, complete with trees and flowers in full bloom, bring with them temperatures that can be uncomfortably warm for some homes. The wintertime colder temperatures set the stage for winter’s eye-catching snowfall – and underscore the need for New Jersey residents to make affordable, significant improvements in energy efficiency.

Along with helping homes’ occupants feel as comfortable as possible, energy efficiency measures, including insulation and air sealing, reduce heating and cooling waste while lowering operating costs – and simultaneously reducing HVAC system strain and helping the environment.

Understanding Your Home’s Energy Usage

The first step toward making a New Jersey home energy efficient is understanding its energy usage. Heating and cooling bills only tell part of the story; many homeowners are unaware that they’re overpaying due to waste that can be easily reduced.

Higher-than-ideal energy expenses are a good reason to explore an expert consultation – as are signs like rooms that are almost always too hot or too cold as well as heating and cooling systems that run without providing the desired comfort levels. 

Homeowners don’t have to be experiencing any pressing problems to look into energy efficiency measures, which, even in situations where heating and cooling units are ok, can save money and bring about a material comfort improvement. 

New Jersey residents can learn everything they need to know about their home’s energy usage through a Home Energy Audit. As the name suggests, an energy audit is a comprehensive check-up performed by qualified professionals with the goal of pinpointing the ins and outs of a home’s energy consumption and expenditures.

During each approximately 45-minute audit, trusted B&E Energy Solutions team members will examine and analyze relevant parts of attics, basements, and crawl spaces, along with your heating, cooling and water heating systems and prior energy bills.

Once the audit itself is complete, the team members will utilize the gathered information to educate  homeowners about the potential problem areas and related solutions – with a focus on improving comfort and savings in the home along with reducing your environmental impact.

In this way, cutting energy bills, maximizing comfort, and doing your part for the environment all happen at the same time.

Insulation and Air Sealing: Potential Game-Changers for New Jersey Homes

Energy audits produce a variety of findings and recommendations based on your home and insultation & air sealing are two of the most commonly suggested improvements. The majority of houses in New Jersey are under-insulated – increasing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. 

Heat loss and heat gain lead to uncomfortable indoor temperatures, unnecessary HVAC use, and higher energy bills. Our experts can install the correct level of insulation in a surprisingly short time, helping rooms and entire homes to be comfortable and cost-effective sooner rather than later.

Air sealing is a needed energy improvement for New Jersey homes. Penetrations, holes, cracks, and gaps throughout the building allow inside air to escape, and outside air to come in,contributing to indoor comfort issues and higher-than-necessary energy expenses.

Professional air sealing work can reduce these air leak issues and in coordination with insulation services, have the potential to bring substantial and immediately noticeable comfort and energy efficiency gains.

Other Energy Efficiency Upgrades – Including System Replacements – Can Make All the Difference

The world’s best insulation and air-sealing,cannot compensate entirely for outdated, inefficient air conditioners and heaters nearing the end of their typical lifespan.  When it comes to older heaters, air conditioners, and water heaters, replacements are in many instances preferable to maintenance.

Situations vary, and each unit is different – meaning that professional examinations can determine the best step for homeowners.

Should a home’s energy-efficient upgrades include HVAC & DWH equipment replacement,it’s worth noting that the resulting operating efficiency increase will lower your energy bills at the same time.

Eligible New Jersians can use the ”Home Performance with Energy Star programs” offered by qualifying utility companies to make heating and cooling upgrades affordable. Up to $5,000 in rebates are available to qualified homeowners, who may also have access to  0% financing for a seven-year term (up to $10,000) or a 10-year term (up to $15,000). 

Those interested in taking advantage of incentives and rebates should read on for additional information, apply here via their heating or cooling utility company, and be sure to contact the dedicated team at B&E Energy Solutions with any questions.

Between Cost Savings and Improved Comfort, There Are Plenty of Reasons to Make Homes Energy Efficient

In short – and as described above – there are many reasons to invest in making homes energy-efficient. New Jersey residents have much to gain, including cost savings, a noticeable comfort improvement, reliably healthy indoor air quality, and peace of mind, from setting in motion a quick and straightforward energy audit.

With the correct insulation levels, excellent air sealing, and optimal heating and cooling systems in place, New Jersey homeowners can protect their pocketbooks and focus on the things – as well as the people – that they love. 

Reduced Environmental Impact: A Desirable Added Bonus

Professional energy solutions, not to mention the DIY energy efficiency steps that experts can outline during in-home consultations, also help to reduce carbon emissions and environmental impact.

Energy Efficient homes help residents and the planet alike, and when it comes to the DIY energy efficiency tools that professionals can provide, smart home technology is significant for multiple reasons.

Products like a smart home thermostat can increase savings and energy efficiency, specifically with regard to remotely minimizing homes’ energy usage (ie:when on vacation) and establishing daily heating and cooling schedules.

In the end, making New Jersey homes energy efficient is a matter of saving money, avoiding inconveniences, and benefiting the environment in the process.

There’s never been a better time than today to get the ball rolling on energy-related improvements. Call the committed B&E Energy Solutions team at (888) 740-7920 to schedule an energy audit, arrange for other services, or receive more information.