Throughout the United States and in countries around the globe, New Jersey is known for its one-of-a-kind sights, kind residents, and fantastic cuisine. Less well-known are the Garden State’s warm summers and cold winters. 

Though occasional inclement weather is a small price to pay for access to all that makes the state special, inflation and rising energy costs mean that many homeowners are grappling with sizable heating and cooling bills.

Thankfully, New Jerseyans have several ways to reduce energy bills and improve sustainability while improving comfort. 

Here’s an in-depth look at New Jersey’s energy efficiency programs and how they can help homeowners save on energy, increase comfort, all while helping the environment.

Home Performance with ENERGY STAR — Expert Support, 0% Interest, and Potential Rebates

 Home Performance with ENERGY STAR programs are available through the state’s investor-owned Natural Gas and Electric utilities (IOU’s) to New Jersey residents, who can use the programs to increase the comfort and energy efficiency of their homes. 

Developed specifically to reduce energy consumption, carbon footprints and cut utility bills, the utility Home Performance with ENERGY STAR programs offer up to $5,000 in rebates in addition to zero-interest financing for specific energy improvements.

The exact amount offered depends upon the projected efficiency of the work at hand, and interest-free loans of up to $15,000 for a 10-year term are also available through the programs. Interested individuals can apply through their utility providers, and if approved, the resulting jobs will be handled by one of the participating New Jersey companies that you’ll choose.

One company, B&E Energy Solutions, specializes in identifying areas of improvement with a no-cost, no-obligation energy audit, explaining all the options and walking you through the repayment plans, then, performing the work in a professional and expedient manner B&E’s helpful team is standing by to guide clients through the Home Performance with ENERGY STAR application process — and ensure that they’re saving as much money as possible.

Capitalizing upon the information provided by a quick, low-cost energy audit, homeowners then take concrete steps toward increasing comfort while minimizing their environmental impact and their utility bills. B&E Energy Solutions provides insulation and air sealing services, replaces heating and air conditioning systems, with modern very high efficient equipment, and installs state-of-the-art water heaters.

According to program experts, completing an audit and following through with the associated efficiency recommendations can reduce energy bills by up to 30% — savings that will help offset the already-reduced costs of pursuing the underlying improvements. The improvements themselves give, among them an increased home value, a more comfortable living area, and a smaller carbon footprint, all significant in their own right.

Reimbursement and Discounts for Installation of Modern Equipment

 New Jersey residents may be eligible for zero-interest financing and rebates to incentivize the installation of modern highly efficient Heating, Cooling, and Water Heating equipment only,  through participating local businesses.

 Multiple energy efficiency programs have been established, and NJ’s utility companies remain compelled to maximize their customers’ energy savings (in order to meet long-term consumption and emission benchmarks) through joint initiatives with qualified contractors.

For instance, NJ Utility customers can turn to On-Bill Repayment Programs along with 3rd party associations through their utility companies to receive interest-free loans for the installation of energy-efficient equipment upgrades. These upgrades can be covered under the program so long as they reduce energy consumption, bolster comfort, increase homes’ value, and/or improve air quality, among other things. Different utility companies provide similar government-supported opportunities to eligible clients.

After a brief application process, the repayment programs provide loans of up to $15,000.  With the lack of interest on the loans, they help reduce the overall typical cost of your project, by improving energy efficiency and reducing utility bills, 

One of the participants, the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) — says that its “mission is to provide trusted financing for upgrades that make homes and buildings efficient, safe, healthy and comfortable” –and provides zero and low-interest energy improvement loans towards that goal.

New Jerseyans and homeowners elsewhere in the country can quickly apply; the simple process requires only minutes, according to NEIF’s website. Once approved, these individuals will receive loans through the program, which covers a number of energy-related optimizations provided by vetted and verified contractors such as B&E Energy Solutions.

The New Jersey Comfort PartnersProgram

Since launching in 2001, the Comfort Partners Program (CPP) has assisted over 126,000 New Jersey families in reducing their utility bills by making homes as energy-efficient and modern as possible. Organized by the New Jersey Board of Public Utilities (NJBPU), the Comfort Partners Program is available to all homes that meet certain income eligibility guidelines.

Those who live alone can earn a maximum of $701 weekly and still be eligible for the CPP, compared to a total of $948 in cumulative weekly income for two-person households and $1,195 per week for three-resident homes. The weekly cap for houses with up to eight occupants is $2,431, and if they receive government aid, families whose income doesn’t meet the guidelines may nevertheless enroll in some situations

For a complete list of eligibility particulars — and to check out a straightforward application, which requires basic contact information and one’s utility companies — visit the CPP’s website or call the program’s team at 800-915-8309.

If approved, Comfort Partners Program participants will receive free energy education services and situation-specific advice about their homes’ energy efficiency. Also potentially covered (depending upon the unique needs of the home at hand) by the CPP is the installation of new and comparatively efficient water heaters, window air conditioners, showerheads, refrigerators, thermostats, insulation, lights, and more.

Insulation upgrades, HVAC maintenance, air sealing, and duct repair options are likewise on the table for CPP-enrolled families. All work is inspected, and each job is guaranteed for one year following its completion — meaning professionals will be standing by to perform any necessary tweaks during the period.

Plus, New Jersey residents who don’t qualify for the Comfort Partners Program can look into other energy efficiency programs, including the Home Energy Assistance Program (HEAP), Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF), and the Universal Service Fund (USF).