When it comes to home improvement projects, most homeowners here in New Jersey think of things like repainting a bedroom or remodeling the kitchen. And while these projects go a long way in beautifying the home, they don’t offer much in terms of energy savings or savings on your monthly utility bills.

What if we told you there’s one home improvement project that could lead to major utility bill savings and greater indoor comfort — not to mention help you understand exactly what your home needs to become as energy efficient as possible? And what if we told you that project is non-invasive and will fit easily into your schedule?

Schedule an Energy Audit for Your Home

The project we’re talking about is a home energy audit. An energy audit is like a comprehensive check-up with a doctor, only it’s for your home.

During the audit, an experienced home performance expert will inspect your home top to bottom. They will also look for the root causes of issues like hot and cold spots, excessive humidity, and poor indoor air quality. Then, after the audit, you’ll receive a proposal of recommended home improvements for greater home comfort, energy efficiency, and utility bill savings. Typically this list includes energy efficiency upgrades like air sealing, insulation, HVAC replacement, and/or water heater replacement.

An Energy Audit: Your Key to Energy Savings

If you’re a homeowner in New Jersey and want to enjoy benefits like increased indoor comfort, greater energy efficiency, lower utility bills, and healthier indoor air quality, your first step is to schedule an energy audit with B&E Energy Solutions. A B&E energy audit will uncover what’s detracting from your home comfort and energy efficiency and point you to effective home improvements like air sealing and insulation, HVAC replacement, and efficient water heater installation.